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The Trust Your Life Experience

What is the Trust Your Life Experience?

The topic of trust is huge. Why? What some people are experiencing in their life right now is activating their biggest fears. I’m hearing about it in my coaching practice and in discussions with family, friends and even colleagues. 

No matter who I was talking to, trust was the “pulse point” that was woven into the fabric of each and every one of these conversations.

People were asking me:

  • “How can I trust myself?”
  • “How do I bring greater trust into my relationships and honor myself and others?”
  • “How can I trust my choices and decisions when it comes to business or personal situations?”
  • “How do I trust my inner guidance?”
  •  And going to the real heart of it…”How do I trust that the Universe is really benevolent, when times are challenging or I’m asking and not getting what I want?”

I realized that anyone who is feeling this way is at a choice point. You can take one of two trajectories.  You can either create your life experience out of fear, confusion or frustration…or you can co-creatively have life experiences based on hope, possibility, connection and a deep trust-filled knowing that it will all work out.

To navigate these trajectories, you have two options:

  1. Option one: You take a default position of doing nothing feeling victimized by the circumstances of the world. Or another aspect of option one is that you try to make something happen all by yourself often expending a lot of effort and feeling like a lone ranger.
  2. Option two: You can choose to let me help you.

Could you imagine yourself claiming a life based on trust filled with infinite possibility, unbridled joy and boundless prosperity?

Benefits of the Trust Your Life ExperienceHere are the Benefits the Current Trust Tribe are Experiencing

For the last two years, a small but dedicated group of participants the programs for the Trust Your Life Experience having been claiming uniquely fulfilling lives. The “Trust Tribe” – as we have come to call ourselves – have experienced practical breakthroughs, measurable success in important areas of our lives and peace of mind.

Specifically, these courageous individuals in the Trust Tribe have said “yes” to life by implementing and walking the talk of the trusting their lives in the following ways… [Hint: As you read the statements, I invite you to get into the energy of the words and consider: Could you say “yes” to a life lived this way?]:

  • From the beginning, the Trust Tribe committed to a different way of being. They knew they deserved more than they were currently settling for in life and in business.
  • To create and maintain the life of their dreams, the Trust Tribe learned how important it was to reclaim authentic power. That meant truly knowing that beyond any story of lack or limitation that they were “enough” – good enough, wise enough, worthy enough, savvy enough…to have every good thing they envisioned.
  • The Trust Tribe uncovered the vital importance of self care to sustain a viable and successful life.  We talk about this topic almost more than any other. They learned that self care is more than just the care of the body (healthy diet, sleep, exercise).  True self care is multi-dimensional.  It is a commitment to positive, responsible, mature, nurturing care of mind, emotions, spirit, relationships, financial wellbeing, balance, etc…all aspects of a person’s being.
    [Hint: Without the courage to truly commit to loving self care, you simply don’t have the bandwidth and momentum to walk your talk and accomplish your vision.]
  • The Trust Tribe realized that – from a place of trust – what unfolds in life is “just information”.  Whatever the circumstance, they now know they have the power to be the choosers of their experience.
    [Hint: The meaning you give to the information of your life is a function of your power to choose the experience you want to have – even when you come up against your deepest wound.  You have options.  Every moment is a choice point and the invitation is to consider one of two options.  Do you choose the confusion, the fears, the stuckness, the sadness you might be feeling or do you choose to deeply love and trust yourself enough to heal any fears that are up for you?]
  • Very importantly, the Trust Tribe have learned to trust that they have everything they need (the understanding, perspective, tools, support) to stay the course of the creation of a life that they love and absolutely savor.
    [Hint: The only way you can truly stand for what you want for the people in your life (clients or customers, your children, your family or friends)  is to deeply know – not just think – that it’s possible for you to attain your own dreams.   You don’t need to necessarily have accomplished everything you envision, but you do need to have a conviction that what you do want is possible and probable.]

When you read these statements, do you feel the awakened possibility for your life and your future?

Results from Trust Your Life ExperienceBasically the trust tribe has proven the value of saying yes to life.  They have peace of mind.  They are experiencing a sense of freedom. They know their worth.  Even their challenges have brought greater insight. 

If these folks can feel this level of trust in a life that works, so can you. When you join the trust tribe it means you too can have a life that makes your heart sing and brings you joy filled experiences and impactful value. Your life, your work in the world, your experiences will serve you beautifully. You will know in your heart of hearts that all is well.

Bottom line — this is how you too will be supported in the Trust Your Life Experience: 

The Trust Your Life Experience has been conceived as an alchemical “cauldron” or sacred space – if you will – that is designed to provide group or individual support to assist you in truly knowing that you are not alone and that you have resources for creating a life that is filled with blessings.  My promise to you:  because we are doing this as a group, this will be powerful, simple, deep and an adventure.  The intimacy of the intentional mini-community ensures the fun factor.

What’s in it for you?  In one word…relief !!  

To build your “trust muscle”,  you will be held in a “container” that is safe. Supported by the group energy, you can surrender the prolonged heavy energy of feeling stuck and doing this on your own.  You will be heard.   We will learn from each other (I call this “spiritual economy”) and you will learn to manage your energy masterfully to create what you want. 

Heart-centered, soul-guided inspiration will be provided to invoke openness, curiosity, honesty, discernment, and telling the truth…most importantly to yourself.  For joy in action, you will be encouraged to commit to a uniquely designed daily practice for you that connects you to your deepest knowing. 

You will be invited to show up for yourself and let go of any temptation to hide or stay small.  Along with gratitude and appreciation, you will be guided to truly allow into your life what you most want and to celebrate your one precious life…no matter what.
Also keep in mind some of the specific practical benefits that the Trust Tribe is already experiencing:

  • clarity with business decisions
  • profound healing of dysfunctional family patterns and family relationships
  • the embodiment of leadership abilities
  • revelations about loving the body into vital health
  • the deep honoring of self as innately worthy and deserving
  • a willingness to more fully stand in authentic empowerment in all areas of life

If you can feel the palpable power of creating this way of being, then consider joining me for an individual one-on-one experience of the Trust Your Life Course that I have developed over the last year.

Sound good?  The juicy experience of breathing trust into the unfolding of your one precious life can be yours too !!

New Format For The Foundational
Trust Your Life Experience
Available Now As A One-on-One
Coaching Experience

                                  ****Group Courses are also being offered in 2013****

If you are experiencing painful circumstances or you are confused about your next steps, you need space to breathe and be held by someone who will believe in you when you’ve lost your way and can’t believe in yourself.

The support you need is the understanding and the empowerment to move from a limited, constricted point of view to a point of view that helps you rise above derailing circumstances. You deserve the assistance to live from an expansive perspective while opening to new and maybe even unthought-of possibilities.

I am not talking about sugar coating your troubles or confusion but rather honoring what’s occurred to break through to a new experience.

I have decided that it is so important to provide just this kind of support for a breakthrough when life is breaking down or is confusing, that I have re-designed my foundational Trust Your Life Experience to be shorter and very affordable. From the experience of having facilitated the Trust Your Life curriculum for 2 years now with a 90% success rate, I know how this course produces life enhancing shifts.

Here’s what I’m offering for the individual one-on-one foundational program:

  • The Foundational Trust Your Life Experience course is most impactful if we can schedule our course calls consecutively over 9 weeks. That said — some 2 week breaks that might arise due to scheduling conflicts can be accommodated.   We meet consecutively as much as possible because the course is designed to be an immersion experience with a lot of interaction. You will discover that it is a true delight to experience the eye opening transformational alchemy & practical results that occur when you are supported in this way.
  • The course offers many tools and practices to shift your mindset and create results with a primary focus on the keys to trust:
                  1. The Importance of Self Care, Self Love and Honoring Your Inherent Worth
                  2. The Reclamation and Embodiment of Personal Authentic Power
                  3. The Power of Receiving for Sustainable Trust 
  • The course is content rich with self-evaluation processes to monitor your progress, fear release exercises, financial enrichment activations, strategies to liberate you from primary sacred wounds and limiting family / cultural patterns, clutter clearing support, powerful inspirational practices and ways to deepen trust in yourself while proving that the Universe has your back.
  • All the course calls are recorded available for downloading in mp3 format and comprehensive notes will be sent every week.
  • This course includes 2 bonus gifts for you: an e-book and a half hour Akashic Records Reading.
  • Once you have completed the course, you are welcome to join my free monthly Trust Tribe calls designed to provide ongoing support for those who have taken my Trust Your Life courses.
  • I am offering this special course (valued at $1400) for the discounted rate of $900. If you pay in full, the course is yours for $850

    Payment plans are available:
    A 2 month payment would be $454.50
    A 3 month payment would be $309.00
    A 4 month payment would be $236.00

    *** Or contact Max to create your customized payment…we can make it happen!

My heart of heart’s intention for the Trust Your Life Experience Course is that you are uniquely prepared for a whole new chapter in your life. The invitation is to fall in love with your life again in a way that insures grace and ease.

There has never been a better or more affordable time to join this foundational life changing course.

You will know if this course is right for you especially if you have been curious about the Trust Your Life Experience in the past or this course sounds like the solution you need to turn your life around.  Also if you know someone who could benefit from this kind of support because they’re experiencing a challenge or confused by what steps to take next, please pass the information on to them.

A miracle has been defined as a “shift in perception”. Let’s create miracles together.

Interested? Email me now for further details at or call 818-509-7733.

Here’s what current participants are saying about their experience in the Trust Your Life gathering:

“I understand that what I am being asked to do here is to release some very deep patterns that have been holding me back. I realize that I am in exactly the right place to learn this lesson – and doubtless many others. It’s tough because my ego is holding on hard to its view of how things have to be. And now I am so grateful for this class because you all reinforce for me the understanding that I’m not alone in this, that I am supported and I can trust myself – beyond my business partner’s lack of trust especially since he & I are totally committed to working together and growing our business. I am reminded that I can stand still and calm in the whirlwind no matter what.” – JB

“I would love to stay in the group for the months to come – it really felt like the right “match”. – EC

“I FEEL that I am actually in the process of integrating and moving toward the “who I truly AM”.   And the way you painted the container to me…all of a sudden…it clicked.  It clicked and I was in this aha moment…. I get it now. My activation meter around money is way, way down…..  And it’s like all at once, the pieces are coming together, being drawn to me, by me, and landing right in my heart space.” – MH

“I am grateful every day for being able to be part of this experience. I so love the energy in it. Thank you for coming into my life.” – KF

Just consider what might be possible for YOU when you feel at peace in the center of your life trusting that all is well….

I want you to wake up today!

If you believe that you will be complete after you find the right relationship, the better job, the bigger house, that hotter investment, the accomplishment of a particular goal, you are asleep in the human dream of Maya, which is the sleep of human delusion. Any such fulfillment is only temporary. The quest of looking for wholeness outside of yourself is not the way it works. It’s an inside job !” ~ Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith, (author of “Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential”)